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Product Sample Delivery in Bentonville, AR

With over 600 active Supplier Community Clients, we are the area's most trusted and recommended product delivery service company.

We got started with our product sample delivery service when one of our Supplier customers called from the east coast and asked if we would deliver a package for him to his buyer.  We thought, "Well sure, why not?" 

He recommended us to collegues and word of mouth recommendations grew and grew. In the past two decades, thousands of Suppliers from around the world have relied on us to ensure their products are delivered quickly and with accountability to area layout rooms, CTL, showrooms, etc.

About Our Service

  • We make two scheduled delivery runs Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  Our morning run happens between 10:45am and 11am.  Our afternoon run is usually around 2pm. 
  • If you'd like your package delivered before our scheduled run, you can request a Hot Shot delivery for an additional fee. With a Hot Shot, we make a special run with only your package to the requested location. (Tip: this service works best with FedEx Express because they usually deliver to our location around 9:30am)
  • Product Sample Pick-Up is available too. Have your buyer release your product to us and we will pack and ship it wherever you need it.
  • We can handle pallets!  We have a box truck with a lift gate and a pallet jack. We kindly request you send us an email and let us know if you're sending a pallet to our location - 479.273.3987
  • Hold for Pickup.  We will be happy to hold your items for pickup. Please note that our storage space is limited; if you're sending in a lot of items give us a heads up!
  • With a One Time Use Form we bill your credit card after we preformed the services your requested. 
  • With a Store Account, we will bill your card on file each Thursday for all the deliveries or other services we provided to you during the week.

How to Get Started

We require a credit card before we can deliver your item.  We offer two options: you can open a store account or use our "pay as you go" option with a One Time Use Form.



How to Address Your Package for Delivery

Buyer's Name / Location

Bentonville Copy & Ship

902A S Walton Blvd., Ste 1

Bentonville, AR 72712

Ph -479-273-3987


When your pacakge arrives we will attach a label so the receiving department can clearly identify your pacakge and its recipent.

We log all of our packages into our database as we receive them from the carriers and upload all of our deliveries into the receiving system at the area Layout rooms (Company Name, Tracking Number, Department, Recipient).

Have A Question About Our Delivery Service?

For more information, call us at 479.273.3987 or send us a message by clicking the button below.

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