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Bentonville Copy & Ship is the place to come for quick turnaround or special order cards

And yes, we can help you with design!

Quick Turnaround Service

If procrastination is kind of your thing then hey, happy to meet you!  Catering to the "I need it now" crowd is kind of our thing.

Here's what you ought to know -

  • If your design is ready to go, we typically have your cards ready within hours
  • If you'd like us to design your cards for you we can usually have them ready within 24-28 hours.
  • For quick turnarounds we offer two kinds of house stock available - our regular semi-gloss 14pt / 100lb or our heavier 130lb stock. 


Quick Turn Pricing - No design required

Color Business Cards 100 250 500 1000
Single Side, 14pt semi gloss 15.99 24.50 40.58 66.26
Double Side, 14pt semi gloss 20.66 32.18 54.74 90.74
Single Side, 130lb 17.00 25.10 42.50 70.10
Double Side, 130lb 21.44 33.02 57.38 96.02

If you need more than 1000, get in touch with us at 479-273-3987 for a quote.

Our Design Service fee is $50.00/hr, billed in quarter-hour increments ($12.50 per 15 minutes)

You can send your file to us using our File Uploader webpage.

SafeTouch™ Antimicrobial Coated Cards - now 20% off through 06.30.2020

Business cards  - we carry them in pockets and purses, we display them to get picked up then put back down, we pass them around...they're high contact items that can sometimes end up a bit grimey. angry

What is SafeTouch™?

  • SafeTouch™ Antimicrobial Coating is an environmentally friendly coating applied to custom printed paper. 
  • It provides up to 99.99% product protection to printed sheets against a variety of unwanted microorganisms.
  • In durability tests the active ingredient of SafeTouch™ was shown to last the lifetime of the paper. Regardless of how many touches, as long as the coating remains in tact the surface will continue to elminate most harmful bacteria.

How does it Work?

Grab your lab coat and safety goggles, we're going to get all science-y up in here .

SafeTouch™ is based on Silver Ion Technology and has 3 modes of action:

  • Silver Ions bind to the cell wall stopping growth
  • Silver Ions interrupt enzyme production stopping the cell producing energy
  • Silver Ions interrupt the cell DNA stopping replication

it's important to note that although SafeTouch™ is effective against some of the most ghouley types of bacteria out there, including MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella Listeria, Pseudomonas and Aspergillus Niger,  it has not been shown to eliminate viruses, such as novel virus COVID-19.


SafeTouch™Antimicrobial Coated 16pt full color - No design required

  250 500 1000 5000
Single Sided 106.25 112.50 200.00 450.00
Doubt Sided 106.88 125 240.00 487.50

You can order more than 5000 - call us at 479-273-3987 or email us at for a quote.

Need a card designed for you?  Our Design Service fee is $50.00/hr, billed in quarter-hour increments ($12.50 per 15 minutes).

Proofs:  When youre file is ready, we  will provide you with a proof before we send items to print that will allow you to make changes.  Once we make the changes, we will show your the Revised Proof for your approval to print.  Requested changes to the Revised Proof (or any subsequent proofs after that)  will be charged $10.00 per proof.

Please be advised SafeTouch™ products take 5-7 business days to process after proof approval. 

You can send your file to us using our File Uploader webpage.

Special Order Business Cards - Price Lists Coming Soon

Special Order doesn't have to mean expensive - we have some absurdly good deals on a variety of papers, finishes and styles.  Your cards are ready in about a week after you've OK'ed your proof.

  • AQ coated - 16pt, offers a semi-gloss finish that is not too matte and not too glossy, they are just right. 
  • Enviro Uncoated - 13pt, contains 30% post consumer recycled material, writable surface on both sides
  • UV High Gloss - 1
  • 4pt Business cards with UV coating have a very glossy and shiny look
  • Gloss Laminated - 16pt with a gloss laminated finish that offers better durability
  • Silky / Matte Laiminated - 16pt, these business cards have a silky lamination which also offers better durability.
  • Linen Uncoated - Linen business cards offer a premium look and a distinctive feel that stand out, writable surface on both sides
  • Writable AQ - 14pt, combines a semi-gloss coated side with an uncoated, writable side
  • Writable UV - 14pt, combines a glossy and shiny coated side with an uncoated, writable side

    -- Price Lists Coming Soon. Please call for quotes or make an appointment to view the paper samples.

Available Business Card Services:

  • Business card design service
  • Paper Selection
  • Custom card shapes and styles
  • Full-color
  • Photo cards
  • Expedited Services
  • Quantity discounts
  • Fast & Easy Re-Ordering




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